[Mnbird] Yellow-throated Vireo, Dakota Co

Molly Miller johnson-miller at msn.com
Fri Jun 7 17:34:40 CDT 2019


I'm sitting under an oak tree reading, and hear a Red-eyed Vireo right above me. I look at it through bins, and it breaks to pick at a couple leaves. Before sitting down, I'd been following it around trying to see if/where it was nesting. Then it came to me. Cool.

Go back to reading, and this extremely loud calling comes from a small group of trees a short distance away. What on earth?

Then it's above me, but it's now singing repeatedly, not screaming. But it's not the Red-eye. Right above me is a Yellow-throated Vireo. Good views of the white belly, yellow throat and wing-bars, but not of the back. Turn to my phone to check song of Yellow-throated Vireo. It and my phone started singing in harmony. Then the bird flew off. So, I played a different call of the Yellow-throated and it was the screaming thing that had come from the small group of trees. Aha. 

And then the bird came back to my oak tree and started screaming. Yikes. I shut off my phone, but the calling continued. Then it turned to singing. I had to doublecheck that my phone really was off, because the singing was so loud. Excellent views this time.

Molly Miller
Inver Grove Hts
Dakota Co

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