[Mnbird] Oak Grove observations

Pamela Freeman gleskarider at gmail.com
Mon Jun 10 10:13:41 CDT 2019

So, the line up at the jelly feeder that was earlier spring, where orioles
chatter-scolded one another and the males now and then conducted short
sorties against one another when line-butting occurred seems to have abated
now to summer's slower pace. Now I have seen one lone oriole male, and a
few catbirds at the jelly, all quite leisurely and with no waiting or
flaring of avian tempers.
Too, my seed feeders, finch and mixed are not needing filling so often.

Who i DO see more of are the brown headed cowbirds. They are avian ladies
who lunch, those who leave the care of their offspring to others whilst
they go off to nibble and commune with others of their status. They can
still feed on seeds, not needing to worry about gathering insects for a
hungry, mouth-gaping brood back at the nest Not them.
It pains me to see just how numerous they are.

I did have one new FOY sighting over the weekend, a brown thrasher skittled
by when I surprised him in his leaf turning.

Our marsh, pond, and creek are now no longer one lake, but three separate
entities again. We can hear the swans when they take off, it is a great
slapping of wings on water, sometimes accompanied by a fanfare.

Non bird sightings were a small velvet-covered spike buck wandering
nervously through our yard and later the same day, yesterday, a mink,
slinking and darting here and there looking for small rodents.
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