[Mnbird] Brown Creepers, Lilydale Regional Park, Dakota/Ramsey

linda whyte birds at moosewoods.us
Tue Jan 12 12:54:20 CST 2021

Two Brown Creepers, one of them very cooperative, were foraging diligently
on the two largest cottonwood trees, just to the east of the entrance for
the river-access boat ramp.
Although their calls usually alert me to their presence before sighting
them, today they were seen before heard, because the two trees are across
the road from one another, and required a flight in the open.
Watching them forage in the deep striations of thick bark on those trees,
reminded of why I don't as often see them as hear them. In addition to
camouflage coloration, their shape allowed them to disappear deep into the
bark, several seconds at a time, as they worked their way up. It would be
smart to pay closer attention to trees with that kind of bark !
Linda Whyte
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