[Mnbird] Yellow-rumped Warbler, Bass Ponds, Hennepin C

linda whyte birds at moosewoods.us
Fri Jan 8 14:46:02 CST 2021

Still present at noon, in the upper reaches of the trout stream, directly
north of the fenced holding-pond by the parking lot. The bird's chip call
alerted to its presence and it was spotted flitting amidst stream-level
foliage. This area, and many lengths downstream, have abundant spring
seepage on the SW facing slope. The numerous muddy areas were rife with
Robins, though no other Thrush species, nor Winter Wren were seen. I did
search the lower stream for the Wren as well, to no avail.
The large pond to the west had much open water. Among the many Mallards in
it, there was a single Common Merganser female. Briefly, there appeared to
be a potential Black Duck in view also, but I was unable to relocate that
bird when its sub-flock scattered into the shelter of the overhanging bank.
Linda Whyte
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