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Sat Nov 28 19:04:36 CST 2020

 I've built a good number of Peterson Bluebird houses, and been tremendously satisfied with their longevity and how well Bluebirds and Tree Swallows enjoy them.  You could find dimensions in the Minnesota DNR book "Woodworking for Wildlife", perhaps at your library.  Or you could check out dimensions through Google Images, as in this search:
peterson bluebird house plans - Pesquisa Google

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peterson bluebird house plans - Pesquisa Google




Good luck, and have good birding!
Rick SchroederIn the Little Red HouseIn the Saginaw Wood

    On Saturday, November 28, 2020, 02:49:59 PM CST, Sheryl Holland via Mnbird <mnbird at lists.mnbird.net> wrote:  
 Can anyone tell me if blue birds will use a house that has slightly larger inside dimensions than using 61/2 inch lumber? I’m using scrap cedar and hate to trim off the extra inch as lumber is so scarce. I realize that the hole placement and size needs to stay accurate. 
Sheryl Holland

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