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Dear birders, I thank J Baumann, whoever he or she is, for posting the note about the New York Times article. Yes, I suppose it is political, but it is also of supreme concern to people who love birds. I consider the posting a service to bird watchers, not a political statement.
  I am so old that I can remember when the MOU, a totally non-political group, passed a resolution in favor of banning DDT at one of their annual meetings. (Somebody else must remember this). It was one of the best things the organization has done ever.
  There are times when we need to have the facts spread out before us so we can begin to help our birds in every way we can. It is in that category of information that I appreciated the posting from the NYTimes. Thank you, J Baumann. Carol Urness

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I'd love people to come up with ways to combat another outrage committed by this administration:

A Trump Policy ‘Clarification’ All but Ends Punishment for Bird Deaths


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