[Mnbird] Carolina Wren, Hennepin

Linda Whyte linda at moosewoods.us
Wed Feb 26 18:27:24 CST 2020

The York Park (Edina) Carolina Wren was still present this morning, in
trees along  along the creek. Entering from 56th St., we heard its song
north of the open area, and followed it to a downstream bend in the water.
Initially, it was singing vigorously from near the top of a huge spruce
across the creek, but it was well hidden in the thick foliage. After
several minutes it flew across the water in our direction, into a deciduous
tree. The dry foliage on that tree provided perfect camouflage for the
bird's coloring and markings. Had it not resumed singing, we might never
have seen it. As it was, its gold-toned chest, facing the sun, finally gave
away its perch, near the top and center of the tree.
Being between cataract surgeries, and somewhat "one-eyed", I'm especially
grateful for its helpful behavior....and for all who reported the bird.
Linda Whyte
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