[Mnbird] Help with hawk ID

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Me, too!

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Whoever replies to this can you reply to all? I'd love to hear what it might have been. Hope someone has an idea.

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I'm not good at raptor IDs, and I'm really puzzled by a pair of hawks that briefly visited our neighborhood this morning (Golden Valley, just north of Wirth Park).  Unfortunately, I did not have my binocs.  They were buteos, and the larger one was about the size of a Red-Tailed, but absolutely no red in the tail feathers. I had a pretty clear though brief view of the underside.  Sorry I can't provide all the details, but it was some pattern of black and white, but not mottled like immature Bald Eagles. The most remarkable feature was a very clear, fairly wide band, solid and very dark, maybe somewhat rusty, that I would call a collar, at the top of the neck/start of the breast.  It was clearly bordered by white on both sides.

I don't see anything in Sibley that looks like this.  Any ideas?  Again, sorry for the lack of some details.

Betsy Kerr
Golden Valley, MN
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