[Mnbird] Returning Friend

Brian and Cindy bcdrill at charter.net
Mon Mar 25 18:10:48 CDT 2019

Hello all. Last year I had a robin that was a frequent visitor here.  
What made it distinctive was that it had some kind of growth (tumor?) on 
the back of its neck.  I assumed it was going to end up dying from 
something related to the growth, but it stayed most of the summer.  The 
growth then was almost always bare.  Tonight I saw my robin again, and 
it is apparently doing very well.  The growth is covered in feathers at 
this point, but still very obvious.  Hooray survival!

On a 'Spring' note, I saw my first turkey vulture over the MN river 
yesterday on my way home from work.  Cindy in North Mankato

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