[Mnbird] Peregrines at Hastings Lock and Dam

linda whyte birds at moosewoods.us
Sun Mar 17 22:26:49 CDT 2019

On a short road trip, we thought to check Lake Rebecca and  the River Flats
at the Hastings Lock and Dam. Foraging in the farm fields along the way,
were many Canada Geese, some of the smaller ones appearing to be the
Richardson's, and also Trumpeter Swans. The pond at Lake Rebecca was
hosting a few Great Blue Herons and Lesser Scaup among the Canadas and
By the parking lot for the dam, we scanned the opposite bluff-side to
locate the Peregrine nest box. It seems to be somewhat decrepit and
unlikely to appeal to the falcons. Nevertheless, there was a pair of
Peregrines in the vicinity, perched high on the power stanchion just
northwest of the box.
On our way out of the flats, we noticed the Red-shouldered Hawk that has
been reported there before. It was perched in a deciduous tree on the river
bank, looking pretty diminutive compared to the several Bald Eagles in the
Eventually we ventured as far as Randolph, where a Rough-legged Hawk was
surveying the Industrial Park's fields with harrier-like flight, gliding
rather low and parallel to the ground, before flying to a perch in a small
tree, and then into an evergreen. It was a nice addition to all the
Red-tail sightings of the day.

Linda Whyte
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