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cherise robb cheriserobb15 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 27 08:01:02 CDT 2019

Hello, birding friends,


I have always been curious about this and it seems to happen every year. In
late spring and early summer I will hear a few birds sing who don't sing
regularly like the other birds. For example, this spring I heard a wood
thrush sing a few phrases on Mother's Day. That was a nice gift since it is
one of my favorite songsters. I didn't hear it again so I figured it was a
migrant. This morning I heard a wood thrush sing for a minute or so. Has he
been there all along? Why doesn't he sing like all the others? Is it because
he doesn't have a mate? If so, why isn't he singing to attract one? Or could
it be that birds that are unated wander? About a week ago I heard a veery
but only on that night. If anyone has some insight into this phenomenon, I
would be interested in hearing your thoughts. Hope you all have a blessed


Cherise Robb

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