[Mnbird] Salt Lake weekend

Joachim Huber huber.joachim73 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 28 18:17:58 CDT 2019

Saw many wonderful birds at the Salt Lake birding festival including
bonaparts gulls, Swainson's hawk, northern harrier, kestrels, red necked,
earred and horned grebes, pintails and canvasback ducks. My favorite find
of the weekend, the American avocet pictured on the attachment. Birds I
missed, would have loved to have found that others found, Cattle egret(that
would have been a lifer for me) marbled godwit, Golden plover. 120 species
listed at the group supper. Sylvia Winkelman and I saw 60 species between
Friday and Saturday. It was a marvelous weekend.
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