[Mnbird] Tiny houses

DONALD GRUSSING Owner cdrussin at centurylink.net
Thu Apr 25 15:13:04 CDT 2019

This morning a hen wood duck standing on the bird house roof tried several times to figure out a way to get into one of my standard sized bluebird houses mounted on a 4 x 4 post 6 1/2 feet high. Quite comical. I have two bluebird houses up, and at one point both the female and male wood ducks were perched on the roof of one of the houses. Not much room so that did not last long 

Then they, and another pair, worked to get into the actual wood duck house I have mounted on an oak tree in my yard. Trouble is, I believe there is a hen in there now incubating eggs. So they would peer into the entrance hole, but not attempt an entry. Then one of the drakes got too close to the other's female and there was an actual duck fight. Much pecking, jumping and fighting on the broad limb of an oak. 

Yesterday a Broad-wing Hawk captured something (?) in the yard. Ate a few bites. flew into a tree, and was driven off by three blue jays and a bluebird. 
Always something interesting. 

Don Grussing 
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