[Mnbird] Nice yard day

Kyle TePoel KCTEPO00 at smumn.edu
Tue Apr 23 16:12:18 CDT 2019

If you're going to be sick, at least have birds to keep you company out the
window. So far, 31 species without leaving the house today. At least 7
Brown Creepers and perhaps 10 Hermit Thrushes have been fun to watch. Happy
to hear a couple Towhees back for the first time this spring. Pelicans
overhead, Red-Shouldered Hawks in the woods, warblers and sparrows in the
yard and along the driveway. Found 3 active nest cavities as well, with
chickadees and nuthatches hard at work.  Bugs are pretty active too, with a
number of butterflies and wasps flitting about.

Kyle Te Poel
Stillwater Township, MN
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