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John Schladweiler joschlad at gmail.com
Sat Apr 20 16:01:20 CDT 2019

This message has been approved by the moderator.  Recently the Lac qui
Parle County Commissioners denied permission for the Department of
Natural Resources to add two parcels of land to Wildlife Management
Areas (WMAs) in the County.   See this link for details.


One parcel is shown on the map in the above article.  The other is a
158 acre addition to the Gollnick WMA which lies in the southeast
corner of the intersection that is three miles east and one mile north
from Salt Lake and is almost entirely wet native prairie.  This parcel
and the surrounding area has been visited by Salt Lake tours almost
every one of the last 43 years as it is a good shorebird and grassland
species stopover.  Those that have birded in the county know that
Wildlife Management Areas (including Salt Lake itself) provide the
habitat for many species.

Those who are participating in the Salt Lake trip have a great
opportunity to let you feelings be known to the citizens of the county
about acquisition additions to the WMA system.  Pass on your thoughts
to those that you come in contact with during the weekend with
emphasis on impacts to tourism.  In addition, for attendees as well as
those not attending, you can participate by sending a letter to the
Commissioners at the following address:

Lac qui Parle County Commissioners
C/O Mr. Jake Sieg
Lac qui Parle County Auditor-Treasurer-Coordinator
600 6 th Street, Suite 6
Madison, MN 56256

Please copy your comments to the DNR Commissioner at:

Sarah Strommen, Commissioner
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
500 Lafayette Road
St. Paul, MN 55155

I would appreciate an email of your comments at joschlad at yahoo.com in
order to get a feel for the responses.  Thank you for your help and
good birding!

John Schladweiler
New Ulm, MN

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