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I double you on USPSI. While we don't have the problem of having a hard
surface area, I am wanting something like this, with the option of
installing around it some kind of surface, because all of that seed kills
any grass beneath it anyway and ends up looking a mess and we can't get all
the old seed up easily. I worry about molding and such. This could be a
solution, and allow us to clean up old wet seed from beneath...


- Pamela
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> I put up my summer feeder today--after a year of 'beta test' I can suggest
> to anyone who is looking for an oddball feeder that this will actually work.
> After we put in a patio a couple of years back I lost my spot to have a
> feeder post in the back yard where we could view the birds best (the
> bathroom window, but that is another story...)  One day, on an inspiration,
> I purchased a feeder pole and ground spike at our local pet supply store,
> and a platform feeder with a pole adapter.  We had a heavy metal patio
> umbrella stand that we were no longer using, and I set up the feeder pole
> on the patio in the umbrella stand.  The ground spike  gives you the extra
> width to use the umbrella base screw to secure the post best.
> Since we exceed the USPSI (urban squirrel per square inch) I also attached
> a baffle cone to the post, and one extension hook for a hanging feeder.  As
> long as the second feeder remains above the baffle, it is also somewhat
> squirrel proof.  Think short finch sock vs long finch sock.  One
> industrious squirrel figured out that it could climb my umbrella
> clothesline and leap, but since the feeder was more or less portable I
> simply moved it and got it out of reach.  Since I'm a shortie, I need to
> stand on a small step to fill the feeder, but that is okay.
> That feeder post withstood all of the weather we threw at it last summer,
> and remained standing.  It is a great idea for anyone looking to put a
> feeder on a deck or paved area that they weren't sure they could use for
> bird feeding in the past.
> I hope that this suggestion can help someone else--regards, Cindy in North
> Mankato
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