[Mnbird] Blizzard birds in Martin Co.

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Still snowing (heavily) and blowing here.More frantic birds:  To the growing crowd of juncos and house finches add house sparrows, starlings, crows, blue jays, goldfinches and even cowbirds, not to mention the other every-days - chickadees, cardinals, nuthatches and downy wps.   The competition is fierce.  I wonder where the creeper is?  I'm impressed with how well the chipping sparrows hold their own at the feeder, against their bigger cousins. 
Back out soon to de-ice and replenish. Lucky for them I won't run out of chow.
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 In the blow at Fairmont . . .Out several times to de-ice and fill feeders and to ground scatter for sparrows and such.We have a hoard of juncos (their "personal space" has shrunk by half at least and they are learning how to hang on to a suet feeder) and the usual crowd of house finches, resident robin that is hanging tight and the red-belly woodpecker has returned, a few chipping sparrows and a fox sparrow have arrived, and just now a grackle and a red-winged bb at a feeder.The male cooper's that was lurking yesterday could be expected to visit this crowd. Visibility has been around 300ft, give or take, for several hours.

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