[Mnbird] Blizzard birds in Martin Co.

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Hennepin County, Bloomington – I’ve been scattering a mix including millet on my deck which is attracting juncos by the dozen. My tube feeder with back oil sunflower seeds is attracting flocks of chickadees and house finches (and the odd purple finch). The suet cakes are attracting nuthatches and various woodpeckers.

Steve Elkins

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Anoka county, Oak Grove - I too have juncos, and have filled all my feeders (mixed fine bits of sunflower seeds, nyjer, and small other seed in a tube feeder) mixed seeds, mostly black oil sunflower, but also peanuts, regular sunflower, and other seeds in a two sided hopper feeder, suet, and mealworms. I also have been going out and scattering some on the ground for ground feeders every so often.
Besides the juncos, we have two pheasant hens and a rooster, no sign of our resident four male turkeys who like to parade through and swagger and strut, though.
I have a small flock of fox sparrows, not seen before today here. A good smattering of jays taking turns at the seeds, corn, and meal worms I have scattered, and chickadees, nuthatches (white breasted), gold finches, and male RWBBs.  We have had robins, and I have some crabapple trees, but I have not seen the robins around today. 
We also usually see crows about, but they are absent also. 
I did have a pair of trumpeter swans glide over our marsh, to land farther downstream on the creek near us. 
We often have heard and seen sandhill cranes in our marsh and around the creek, and we were gifted with a performance by one pair last weekend as they did a little pas de deux while wandering the edge of the marsh. Always thrilling to see. 
Their pterodactyl cries are not heard above the winds today.

(Birding isn't bad, even in a late snow storm!)

- Pamela 
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On Sat, Apr 14, 2018 at 2:43 PM, krawdad via Mnbird <mnbird at lists.mnbird.net> wrote:
In the blow at Fairmont . . .
Out several times to de-ice and fill feeders and to ground scatter for sparrows and such.
We have a hoard of juncos (their "personal space" has shrunk by half at least and they are learning how to hang on to a suet feeder) and the usual crowd of house finches, resident robin that is hanging tight and the red-belly woodpecker has returned, a few chipping sparrows and a fox sparrow have arrived, and just now a grackle and a red-winged bb at a feeder.
The male cooper's that was lurking yesterday could be expected to visit this crowd. 
Visibility has been around 300ft, give or take, for several hours.

Ed B-K

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