[Mnbird] Summer Feeder

Brian and Cindy bcdrill at charter.net
Sun Apr 22 20:10:07 CDT 2018

I put up my summer feeder today--after a year of 'beta test' I can 
suggest to anyone who is looking for an oddball feeder that this will 
actually work.

After we put in a patio a couple of years back I lost my spot to have a 
feeder post in the back yard where we could view the birds best (the 
bathroom window, but that is another story...)  One day, on an 
inspiration, I purchased a feeder pole and ground spike at our local pet 
supply store, and a platform feeder with a pole adapter.  We had a heavy 
metal patio umbrella stand that we were no longer using, and I set up 
the feeder pole on the patio in the umbrella stand.  The ground spike  
gives you the extra width to use the umbrella base screw to secure the 
post best.

Since we exceed the USPSI (urban squirrel per square inch) I also 
attached a baffle cone to the post, and one extension hook for a hanging 
feeder.  As long as the second feeder remains above the baffle, it is 
also somewhat squirrel proof.  Think short finch sock vs long finch 
sock.  One industrious squirrel figured out that it could climb my 
umbrella clothesline and leap, but since the feeder was more or less 
portable I simply moved it and got it out of reach.  Since I'm a 
shortie, I need to stand on a small step to fill the feeder, but that is 

That feeder post withstood all of the weather we threw at it last 
summer, and remained standing.  It is a great idea for anyone looking to 
put a feeder on a deck or paved area that they weren't sure they could 
use for bird feeding in the past.

I hope that this suggestion can help someone else--regards, Cindy in 
North Mankato

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