[Mnbird] Possible Swainson's Hawk at Old Cedar Bridge

Richard Becker rhbecker at umn.edu
Sun Apr 22 00:41:18 CDT 2018

About 4:30 pm on Saturday, from the path between Old Cedar Bridge and 
the Bass Ponds, 3 hawks
were seen circling fairly high above Long Meadow Lake. One of those 
hawks had very dark primaries
and secondaries and light underwing coverts. I remember being told while 
birding out west that
reversal of the pattern that one sees in some other hawks is something 
that distinguishes Swainson's
from other hawks, and looking at the pictures in Sibley I don't see 
anything that obviously contradicts
that. It was clearly not an adult Red-tailed Hawk (no red tail).

I have no photos and am not certain enough of the ID to report this bird 
anywhere but here. Just
want to let folks in the Minneapolis area know to keep an eye out.


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