[Mnbird] Northern Shrike & White-crowned Sparrows - Anoka County

Refsnider refsn001 at umn.edu
Sat Oct 21 20:38:38 CDT 2017

This afternoon, during a walk through Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park, 
Anoka County, we spotted our first-of-season Northern Shrike.  It was 
perched in a small tree along the west shore of Cenaiko Lake, near 
Pavilion 4.

We also saw our FOS White-crowned Sparrows southwest of Cenaiko Lake.  
All 4 were hatch-year birds.

Other birds of note:
2 adult Bald Eagles perched at the upstream end of the island below the dam
1 Pied-billed Grebe in Cenaiko Lake.

Ron & Maureen Refsnider
Coon Rapids, Anoka County

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