[Mnbird] Byllesby Trumpeter Swans

Julie Maxson jmaxson at mac.com
Tue Feb 28 08:48:33 CST 2017

I have seen a group of 14 Trumpeter Swans at the west end of Lake Byllesby, in the area around the boat launch on 23rd Avenue, most days for the past few weeks. They do move around the lake, and to points upstream and below the dam on the Cannon during the day, but a few are reliably visible between 8-9 am most days. 

There are also several hundred ducks on most days, and often some GWF geese. My spotting scope is out of commission right now so I can't tell you much about the ducks except that they include mergansers and coots. 

So this isn't the most useful information, except that there is plenty of open water and plenty to look at, especially in the morning. 

At the feeders, I've seen the first Red Headed woodpecker since 2011, on Friday and Saturday but not since. So there are still a few out there!

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