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DONALD GRUSSING Owner cdrussin at centurylink.net
Fri Apr 21 15:32:09 CDT 2017

Made a "hit and run" trip to Dallas last week. Two days down. Two days there. Two days back. 

Most common bird seen from the car, grackles. In Texas Boat Tailed Grackles replaced common grackles. 
Second most common bird seen in northern areas, Red Wing Blackbirds. In the south that changed to Mockingbird. 

Most common conspicuous bird was the Turkey Vulture with almost every stream, river or creek from southern 
Iowa south having more than one. Most common were groups of four birds, then three, two 
and the occasional single. (Why do we see so many groups of four Turkey Vultures soaring together?) 

Saw many Cattle Egrets from Missouri/Kansas south with several Great Blue Herons and American 
Egrets as well. 

Most common waterbirds in Minnesota were Mallard ducks. Teal were more common in Iowa. 
Cormorants from central Kansas/Missouri south. 

Most common road kill were armadillos from central Missouri/Kansas south. Then opossums. Only saw 
one skunk and two deer, but five coyotes. I thought coyotes were smart? 

This isn't really a birding post, but I thought some of you might be interested. 

Don Grussing 

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