[Mnbird] Birding south today.

Joachim Huber huber.joachim73 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 7 20:16:48 CDT 2017

Out birding today down in Lake City and on the road to White Water State
Park with Sylvia Winkelman and Bob Huber. Best find of the day, American
Widgeon in a pond on the road to White Water (hwy 75, dirt road. Also,
Gadwall, green and blue winged teal, hooded mergansers, eagles aplenty all
day. On Lake Pepin just before the turn to White Water, saw scads of coots,
hooded mergansers, pied billed grebes, a pair of loons, lesser scaups,
canvas backs, ruddy ducks and buffel heads. Also a kingfisher. Spring is
springing. Also saw a herring gull on Lake Pepin. What a great day.
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