[Mnbird] Great Horned Owl unusual color

Joachim Huber huber.joachim73 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 3 19:04:30 CDT 2017

Walking at MAC Park in Brooklyn Center today I was surprised, when I turned
the corner into the woods that skirts the marsh, by a large owl. It looked
almost white but I didn't think a snowy owl could be in the woods(actually
I did call Sylvia Winkleman and tell her I saw a snowy but I called her
right back when it changed position to a different tree and realized the
color was more light gray than white.) The thing that really surprised me
was that the space around the eyes was white or nearly white, (between the
eyes and the black curved (   ) lines outlining the face). The owl was very
light in color. I've never seen this color on a great horned owl before.
Sylvia came along and confirmed it was a great horned owl. It moved to
another tree a few minutes later, just overlooking the south boardwalk, and
was immediately harassed by a cooper's hawk.
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