[Mnbird] Raptor 'Run', Randolph Ave., St. Paul

linda whyte birds at moosewoods.us
Mon Apr 3 16:02:04 CDT 2017

Along the dead-end stretch of Randolph, from Shepard Rd to the High Bridge,
we spotted 4 raptor species this afternoon. There was first a flyover by a
Red-tailed Hawk, above the old power station island. When we checked the
Osprey nesting platform on the island, an Osprey was perched there--along
with a couple of nesting branches that hadn't been there a few days ago. As
we drove past the Xcel Energy plant, we could see a bird perched in the new
Peregine Falcon nest box on the SE corner of the roof; it was later spotted
sitting atop the nearest power stanchion SE of that corner. By then, a Bald
Eagle had taken up post on another power stanchion, on the SW portion of
the island. While the Randolph Raptor Roster is nowhere near complete, it's
off to a nice start.

Linda Whyte
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