[Mnbird] follow-up, Rachel Lilly Preserve, Dakota County

linda whyte birds at moosewoods.us
Mon Mar 28 18:31:29 CDT 2016

In an attempt to re-find the Wood Thrush seen at Rachel Lilly Preserve
Saturday morning, Rob and I hiked the same area around the same time this
morning. We found no thrush.
Farther downhill, by the wooden bridge beside the lake, there were some Fox
Sparrows using the new brush piles. (The initial flash of the thrush's
looks had brought this species to mind, but none of them were found at the
Also "new" today were Golden-crowned Kinglets, Brown Creepers, E,
Bluebirds, and Wood Ducks.
We searched further for the thrush, in the wooded section of Dodge Nature
Center's property off Marie Avenue, to no avail.
Linda Whyte
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