[Mnbird] Wood Thrush, Meadowlark, Rachel Lily Preserve, Dakota County

linda whyte birds at moosewoods.us
Sat Mar 26 19:48:54 CDT 2016

This morning's exercise at Rachel Lily offered a couple of migrant
surprises. While the many Song Sparrows were expected, Fox Sparrows were
hoped for. Instead, the wooded hillside south of the cabin was hiding a
larger and even more russet bird, a Wood Thrush. Hermit Thrush would have
been less surprising, but this bird's uppers were russet overall, and the
spots below were very pronounced against their light background. It rose to
perch very briefly, when I paused to look for some White-throated Sparrows
I was hearing, then disappeared in the foliage.
The second surprise was the Meadowlark perched at the top of the tallest
deciduous tree on the south-facing slope of the grassland north of the
lake. It gave a good frontal view, but didn't sing, giving only calls that
seemed to be the "zeet and chatter" of the Eastern, before it flew off to
the NW. It was a surprise only because I've not seen a Meadowlark there
before, but perhaps the restoration work, clearing invasives, has made the
grasslands more appealing.
Linda Whyte
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