[Mnbird] Crow Nesting Behavior

Stan - Molly Jo Miller Johnson johnson-miller at msn.com
Fri Mar 25 19:04:33 CDT 2016

We've had a little family of crows hanging out on and off in our yard this winter. Today one of them was breaking twigs off a branch. As I went to watch, the crows flew away a little ways. Then I watched as one of the crows (same one?) began stripping the bark off some of our really old, big, grape vines. That crow took the bark strips and flew further into our woods where it joined another crow. I'll have to watch the area for a nest, although I just read in Stokes that they make dummy nests like some other birds (Blue Jays and House Wrens).  
As soon as I saw the crow breaking off twigs, I went to watch because I had seen Blue Jays doing the same as part of their nesting rituals. And when it began stripping the grape vines... well I've watched many a chickadee strip bark from our cedar trees for their nests.
Hoping for an interesting nesting season!
Molly Jo MillerInver Grove HtsDakota Co

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