[Mnbird] Wood Cock and Other Spring Birds

Cherise Robb cheriserobb15 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 17 20:19:29 CDT 2016

Hello, birders,


For the past several nights I have been hearing the call of a wood cock
which I first misidentified as a nighthawk. But the last two nights I heard
the unmistakable wing and flight sounds and realized it was an American wood
cock. I checked out the calls on the Cornell Labs website and I was right.
The bird is located at 500 Heritage Court in Waite Park on the back side of
the apartment building where there are some woods and wetlands.

Also I have heard lots of tree sparrows and several song sparrows as well as
red-winged blackbirds and a few robins. Spring is definitely here!


Cherise Robb, Waite Park.

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