[Mnbird] Mt. Bluebird seen today, Spring Lake State Park, Scharr's Bluff, Dakota Cty

Laura Coble shearwater45 at frontiernet.net
Mon Mar 14 19:34:33 CDT 2016

At about 3:45 pm today another birder and I had good looks at the Mountain Bluebird from the grassy ski trail knoll, near the huge sand piles.  We watched 6 Eastern Bluebirds for a while, which were foraging there from bushes and small trees. The Mountain Bluebird later flew across the trail and stayed in view on trees and occasionally on the ground for about five minutes, before disappearing. 

Thanks to Ned Winters and to all the birders who have posted or shared their sightings of this beautiful bird.

Laura Coble
Cannon Falls

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