[Mnbird] Some nice early spring birds

PATRICIA PAGEL Owner jppagel at centurylink.net
Sat Mar 12 16:23:49 CST 2016

Whitewater WMA today had a few duck species .  Not huge numbers though: 
Common Merganser 
Hooded Merganser 
Green-winged Teal 
Also had Red-winged Blackbirds 
3 Sandhill Cranes 
2 Killdeer 

The backwaters near Winona added: 
American Wigeon 
An Eastern Bluebird; 

At the Kellogg/Weaver Dunes, there were 2 Eastern Meadowlarks singing 
and Sandhill Cranes clacking in the M c Carthy Lake area 

I am also hearing Sandhill Cranes from my deck in the bluffs northwest of Wabasha 

Just a beautiful day to be out and about! 

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