[Mnbird] Loring Park today

Manley Olson manleyolson at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 20:58:25 CST 2016

I spent some enjoyable time in Loring Park on the edge of downtown 
Minneapolis this afternoon. Some open water on the edges of the lake. 
About 60 Mallards, mostly males and no evidence of pairing. Canada 
Geese, 1 pair and a single not tolerated by the pair. 2 Grackles. About 
30 RW blackbirds, all male.
A Hairy WP, and an assortment of crows, pigeons, starlings and House 
Sparrows.Song Sparrow heard but not seen well. Have heard a Cardinal 
singing regularly near the Convention Center Park and heard a snatch of 
a song of WT Sparrow which I have seen several times this winter. Have 
seen Peregrines in flight much more in the past few days.
Manley Olson
Downtown Minneapolis

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