[Mnbird] still no backyard birds

Sherry Paul phillipstine at frontiernet.net
Wed Jun 1 19:53:13 CDT 2016

We have not seen Orioles this spring either. Usually they come through 
with the hummingbirds and now I think we will not see them at all.  We 
are up north - in St. Louis county on the Cloquet River.

On 6/1/2016 6:24 PM, heather keena via Mnbird wrote:
> I looked up some photos from last May and there were Indigo Buntings, Orioles and RGBs happily chowing down at my feeders. This year I haven’t seen a single Oriole or any of the others. I’ve been
> putting out Jelly and Oranges since the last week in april and keeping a couple different types of seed constantly filled. The most interesting bird we’ve had in the yard is a Gray Catbird. I always forget about their crazy calls and think I have some really, really special bird.
> Until the meowing, then I remember.
> Is there any hope for migrating birds to turn up? I’m on the river bluff in St. Paul.
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