[Mnbird] Vostex Binoculars

Chuck Cole cncole at earthlink.net
Thu May 14 22:41:30 CDT 2015

Brand or price is NO indication at all of binocular or riflescope quality.
The best test is to look at the planet Jupiter and see whether the
instrument can resolve the four moons (all 4 are often visible at once, but
not always).  If they do not appear as clear pinpoints, the optics are bad.
   (professional in optics, and also an optics dealer for 14 years)


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Does anyone have any experiencew with Vostex binoculars?  My son-in-law
tells me that the Vostex optics are highly regarded for rifle and spotting
scopes.  His friends say they compare favorably to more expensive Swarovski

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