[Mnbird] Birding in Waite Park

Cherise Robb cheriserobb15 at gmail.com
Sun May 24 18:11:52 CDT 2015

Hi, friends,


I have been away from the list for a couple years, mainly because I lived in
an apartment that was not conducive to birds. I am happy to say that I
recently moved into a new apartment building in Waite Park just west of St.
Cloud. It is located on thirteen acres of open woodland and wetlands and oh
boy, I am loving it! The owner of the building has feeders out and has
planted prairie grass and wild flowers to keep the landscape natural. Some
of the highlights since I've been here are Rose-breasted grosbeaks and
orioles, warbling vireo, yellowthroats and ovenbird, a whippoorwill just
once at night, and rt hummingbirds. Sorry about the tardy report, but this
morning I heard a scarlet tanager singing as well as either a willow or
alder flycatcher. (I get their calls mixed up; it was the familiar "chabec"
call) Steve Weston, I've been brushing up on my frog calls. The grey tree
frogs and chorus frogs I've heard before, but last week I heard my first
American toad which I identified by checking the sound online. If Carla
Kinsler is still with MNbird, I kept hearing this sound at night and
couldn't figure out what it was. We finally identified it as a female great
horned owl doing her squawk. I am looking forward to fall and winter when I
can hear their characteristic hoot. So good to be back with you all and to
read your posts with all the familiar names I remember so well.


Cherise Robb, Stearns Co.




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