[Mnbird] N Mockingbird, Wabasha County

Dedrick Benz benzdedrick at hotmail.com
Fri May 15 12:23:12 CDT 2015

At about 8AM Friday Morning, I saw a Northern Mockingbird in the Weaver Dunes area of Wabasha County.  The bird was hanging around conifers along the south side of the driveway at 61006 County Road 84, south of the McCarthy Lake Wildlife Management Area.  It did not vocalize, and flew back into the property.  The house is set back a ways from CR 84 and I did not talk to any homeowners.  Interestingly, my only other Wabasha Mockingbird came from about 100 yds. up CR 84 in May 2006.
No Bell's Vireos were detected yet, but a Loggerhead Shrike was working some mullein stalks in the recently burned area adjacent to the traditional Bell's Vireo thicket at McCarthy Lake WMA.  
Dedrick BenzWinona, MN

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