[Mnbird] grackles the poor man's bird of paradise

John Hamer johndhamer at outlook.com
Tue May 12 09:03:40 CDT 2015

It took the orioles two days to come down out of the canopy to their grape jam, wrens arrived yesterday.  I hope I can get some to stay to take care of my beetles.  Wrens seem to like gaudy houses right up tight to human habitation rather than a house tuck back in heavier cover.

I found one white throated sparrow at a school forest wetland I worked on years ago.

I was watching a male grackle calling from a tree in the yard.  I was appreciating the iridescent purple on the throat when the male started calling and the breast feathers lifted up showing a golden patch.  My first thought was wow, a bird of paradise.

John Hamer

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