[Mnbird] Ruff seen Tuesday, Bass Ponds

Stephen Greenfield tapaculo47 at gmail.com
Tue May 5 13:56:33 CDT 2015

The Ruff at the MNRVWR Bass Ponds area was spotted by Olaf Danielson late
morning on Tuesday, seen also by Curt Rawn and myself. From the vantage
point of the end of the trail that leads to Long Meadow Lake*, the bird was
near the opposite shore, as you look south (right) towards the arches of the
Highway 77 bridge. Be aware, it's something like a half-mile off, so you
need a scope with 60 power or so! And even then, it's not a very gratifying


By the way, Olaf was pretty calm given that it was his 700th US species!
(maybe because he's seen them in Europe?)


* a narrow, rough trail that takes off from a main trail about 50 yards west
of the wooden bridge


Stephen Greenfield


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