[Mnbird] Orioles, tentatively.

heather keena birdwing at comcast.net
Mon May 4 21:22:13 CDT 2015

I’m not sure. Maybe I haven’t been birding long enough (8 yrs?) to accept the ebb and flow of different spring migrations. I am talking about yardbirds and yes I’m a little spoiled. In East St. Paul in our yard we’ve had a Red Headed Woodpecker (yes it really was..not just a woodpecker with red on it’s head) About 6 years ago we had a Summer Tanager which is what made everything go full tilt.  This year is a little strange.

A couple years ago as soon as I put the jelly out I had 5 or 6 orioles within 15 minutes. Grosbeaks always come first and they did this year too, by about 2 hours.Then yesterday one Oriole and a couple more today one at a time. Still just the 2 RBGs yesterday. No Indigo Buntings yet. Yellow Rumped Warblers and Kinglets came about 10 days ago. Always 1 Oven Bird comes before anyone else.

 By this time (at least garden, trees blooming wise) I’ve seen at least one Scarlet Tanager and lots of Indigo Buntings in the plum trees catching bugs. A couple years ago I saw 16 species of warblers in our yard and Scarlet Tanagers eating oranges and grape jelly. We do have a bunch of Brown Headed Cowbirds and a few Red Winged Blackbirds and have for the last 4 years or so but they haven’t really seemed to dissuade other birds in the past. Apologize for the musing. Probably everyone will show up tomorrow.

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