[Mnbird] Clay County Monday birds

cnorheim cnorheim at msn.com
Mon May 4 19:38:58 CDT 2015

This morning I birded MB Johnson Park in Moorhead. Marked increase in 
bird song, not really new species but more of what was there.
Good numbers of Yellow rumped Warblers and they were singing.
More Black and white warblers and they were singing.
White-throated Sparrows singing
Several Swainson Thrush (they were not singing)
Pileated Woodpecker

After lunch Carol Spurbeck and I went to Maria Lake east of Buffalo 
River State Park.
good assortment of ducks
Horned Grebes
Trumpeter Swan on a nest just west of Maria Lake
Clay colored Sparrows

We stopped at Buffalo River State Park on our way home from
Had an Orange crowned Warbler, a few Yellow rumped Warbler, and heard a 
Field Sparrow.

Connie Norheim

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