[Mnbird] Birding about the Metro

Steve Weston sweston2 at comcast.net
Fri May 1 10:29:43 CDT 2015

FOY birds:
No. Rough-winged Swallow heard and seen on Wednesday in St. Louis Park
House Wren
Palm Warbler

Also, I heard (for the first time) and saw our Tufted Titmouse.  I hadn't
seen it for over a week (not unexpected since I have not been around much).
  If people want to try and observe it, come to the cul-d-sac  on the east
end of Carlson Lake Lane in Eagan by Quigley Lake. (Directions will not be
provided)  I have no idea of any pattern to its movements as I see it
infrequently and it is not very vocal.  DO NOT USE BIRD CALLS to attract
it, as we believe that it is nesting here. I have not heard that any of my
neighbors have seen it.

Steve Weston
On Quigley Lake in Eagan, MN
sweston2 at comcast.net
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