[Mnbird] [mou-net] State fair open shifts

kkelnberger kkelnberger at boreal.org
Tue Aug 18 12:08:19 CDT 2015

   The fair starts in about two weeks.  Many shifts need volunteers.  If 
your schedule allows, volunteer for more than one shift and we will 
reimburse the price of your tickets.  The 5-9 shifts are flexible in 
that you can close shop when visitors stop coming.  In these late days 
of August, the 5-9 shift ends in the dark.  Its an easy shift and 
putting away the "booth" means piling stuff inside and on top of the 
counter and wheeling it into DNR building.  Much easier than in the 
folding table days!

>> Thursday August 27: All shifts filled!

> Friday, August 28 and Saturday, August 29 need 1 (or 2) volunteers for 
> the 5-9 shift.
>> Sunday August 30: 9-1 and 1-5 both need one or two volunteers
>> Monday August 31: All shifts filled
>> Tuesday  September 1:   5-9 one or two volunteers needed
>> Wednesday September 2:   9-1 has one volunteers, one more needed
>> Thursday September 3: 1-5 could use one more volunteer and the 5-9 
>> shift is open for two volunteers
>> Friday September 4: 1-5 one volunteer needed, 5-9 needs one or two 
>> volunteers.
>> Saturday September 5:   1-5 needs two  volunteers and  5-9 has one 
>> volunteer.
>> Sunday September 6 : 9-1 and 1-5 need two volunteers.  The 5-9 shift 
>> has one volunteer, one more would be welcomed

Monday September 7: 9-1 and 1-5 are both open, 5-9 is filled.

thanks for considering spending some time at the fair working at the MOU 
booth.  You will be rewarded with the pleasure of "talking birds" for a 
few hours.    We are the only birding club represented at the fair.  
Thanks, Kate and Jen
            Call or email Kate or  sign up on the google calendar
            phone: 218-388-9908 ( we have answering machine)
            email: kkelnberger at boreal.org

>> Email: kkelnberger at boreal.org
>>  Call  Kate Kelnberger 218-388-9908
>>   or visit the Google calendar to sign up.

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