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Sat Aug 15 22:31:03 CDT 2015

There's really no waste in Nature, is there? ...and those little frogs are
every bit as interesting and fun to see as birds !

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> This is my first year feeding the birds in over 10 years. And the first
> time ever feeding orioles and hummingbirds.
> I have not seen an oriole at the feeder since mid-June (but I see hummers
> daily) and so I left it empty up until about a week ago when I added some
> jelly, hoping for migrants.
> The bees and hornets (and a squirrel) have been eating all the jelly so I
> stopped the jelly and switched to an orange half.
> When I tried oranges in the spring they were left untouched.
> This time of year the orange is a big hit with flies and wasps, which is
> pretty gross. So after dark tonight I was going to throw out the orange and
> I came upon a Cope's Gray tree-frog on my oriole feeder catching the
> flies!
> I took a (lousy) picture but has not been uploaded to my computer.
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