[Mnbird] Waxwings and Bobolinks/Rice Co.

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Sat Aug 15 07:39:50 CDT 2015

I don’t see waxwings and Bobolinks in the same flocks very often and
certainly never thought they looked similar. But on Wednesday John Holden
and I found just that sort of flock feeding off the perimeter fence of the
Dennison sewage ponds—about a dozen waxwings and at least three Bobolinks.
The birds appeared to be feeding on grasshoppers in the freshly cut grass.
I did not see the bobolinks at first, as, at first glance, they appeared
yellow-bellied, just like the waxwings and were about the same size too.
Photos are on this morning’s blog: http://dantallmansbirdblog.blogspot.com

I also banded my first migrant of the fall yesterday—a Yellow-bellied


Dan or Erika Tallman
Northfield, Minnesota
danerika at gmail.com


".... the best shod travel with wet feet...Beware of all enterprises that
require new clothes ....”—H. D. Thoreau
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