[Mnbird] Clarification - Pool 8 location

Refsnider refsn001 at umn.edu
Tue Nov 25 14:53:11 CST 2014

Sorry, obviously my RFI was directed at those folks who know what "Pool 
8" means.  But I should have been more descriptive for other birders who 
might be interested in the replies, if only they knew where Pool 8 is 
located.  My apologies....

So... Pool 8 is part of the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife 
and Fish Refuge and extends upstream from Lock and Dam 8 on the 
Mississippi River.  It runs past the MN-IA border, extending upstream 
from Genoa, WI, past Brownsville, MN, and ends at Lock and Dam 7, which 
is just upstream from La Crosse/La Crescent.

The best swan viewing (in most years) is from the Brownsville Overlook 
and the Hwy. 26 Overlook, both on the MN side.  Maps for Pool 8 (and 
other pools) are at:

Upper Miss Refuge waterfowl survey reports are at:

On the waterfowl survey reports:  the "Pool 8 Wisconsin Islands Closed 
Area" surrounds the two overlooks mentioned above, so that column shows 
the most relevant numbers.  The "Goose Island Closed Area" is on the 
Wisconsin side, and also is worth checking out.

But it appears the ice has moved into Pool 8 and the swans have moved 
out.  However, lots of bald eagles are reported in the area.

Thanks to all who sent me personal replies with info.  This evening I'll 
summarize what I received and post on MOU-net and MNbird (if working) 
for all who might be interested.

---Ron Refsnider

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