[Mnbird] RFI - Swans on Pool 8

Refsnider refsn001 at umn.edu
Tue Nov 25 14:00:03 CST 2014

This fall I haven't noticed any MOU-net or MNbird reports on tundra swan 
numbers on Pool 8.  With the USFWS web site only belatedly showing the 
numbers from the weekly aerial surveys (e.g., the 11/5 flight results 
didn't show on the web page until 11/12 and there's nothing since then) 
I can't find any more recent info than the ~3100 swans on Pool 8 on 
11/5.  Can anyone share info on recent swan numbers for Pool 8?  Perhaps 
with the unusually cold weather they moved out earlier than in most years.

---Ron Refsnider

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